Parent Involvement


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Parents are encouraged to join the Hugo Reid PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association.) Hugo Reid’s PTSA activities strongly support the school. Each fall, the PTSA holds an annual membership drive. Information is sent home in the Back to School Packets. During the first week of school, PTSA sponsors a Welcome Back coffee to meet the PTSA officers and to learn how your can further support Hugo Reid. If you are interested in joining PTSA, click here.

If you are interested in following Hugo Reid PTSA on Konstella, click here.

Parent Volunteers

Room parents play an important role at Hugo Reid. They act as hosts/hostesses for class celebrations and special events at school. Please contact the PTSA if you would be willing to serve in this capacity.

Classroom volunteers are critical to maintaining the high quality education that Hugo Reid children deserve. Some parents are able to donate time during the school day, helping teachers prepare materials for class projects and lessons. Others work with students as needed by the individual teacher or help with field trips. Volunteers who work directly with children must have a completed Volunteer Interest Form. This process will provide potential volunteers with the next steps. Whenever you come to school to volunteer, please bring your photo ID, sign the Volunteer log in the office, and pick up your badge. For the safety of the children, this identifies you as someone who has permission to be on campus. We also need to know who is on campus in case of emergency.

Room lists/Room parties

District policy limits classroom parties to two per year: prior to Winter Holiday Break and Valentine’s Day. Room parents maintain a list of all the children in a classroom to be used to contact other parents for contributing to the party. These lists are never used for commercial purposes.

Classroom visitors

It is important to minimize any distractions during instructional time, however, if a parent needs to visit their child’s classroom during the school year, please contact the principal in advance to arrange a convenient time for your visit. You must sign in at the office and pick up your visitors pass so that you are identified as someone who has permission to be on campus. Thank you for helping us maintain a focused learning environment.