Counselor's Corner


Kim Lauxen

School Counselor


Who am I?

Kim Lauxen, Hugo Reid's newest full time school counselor for Hugo Reid Primary and Hugo Reid Elementary.


I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from CSU Northridge and my Master of Science in School Counseling from University of La Verne.

I was an elementary teacher for twelve years in grades 4-6, and was previously a high school counselor for the past three years.


I enjoy yoga, gardening, and planning new road trip adventures for my family. If I find a rare quiet moment, I still enjoy reading paper books.



What do elementary school counselors do?

  • Teach classroom lessons on social/emotional topics

  • Facilitate short-term small group counseling

  • Provide immediate and short-term individual counseling in the scope of the school

  • Work collaboratively with teachers and staff

  • Consult with parents

  • Provide information and/or referrals for community resources to families


How does your child experience school counseling services?

  • Individual Counseling- I may work with a student in a safe, positive, and confidential setting to address issues that 'get in the way' of' school achievement. Topics are based on the needs of the student and may include: understanding feelings, changing families/divorce, grief, stress, social skills, academics, bullying, problem-solving, and decision-making.

  • Small Group Counseling- A process where students sharing similar issues or concerns work together in a small group environment consisting of about 3-6 peers. The group sessions usually last about 30 minutes and are held for approximately 6-8 weeks. Topics are based on the needs of the students and may include friendship and social skills, study skills, conflict resolution, anger management, self-esteem, and stress-management.

  • Classroom Counseling lessons- I am currently facilitating classroom lessons in Kindergarten and Second Grade, due to my part-time availability. These lessons are following the Second Step Program (, which focuses on teaching children how to understand and manage their emotions, be aware of others' feelings and have the skills to problem solve and make responsible decisions.  

Counseling Approaches Commonly Used to Assist Students:

  • Play-Therapeutic or Art-Therapeutic Experiences (exploring & role-playing solutions, creative representations of life situations)

  • Biblio-therapeutic Experiences (reading & discussing books relevant to whatever the student is experiencing)

  • Conflict-Resolution processes (working out disagreements)

  • Video-clip discussion/analysis (identifying strengths, challenges, solutions)

  • Behavioral Coaching/Role Plays (goal setting & encouragement)

  • Therapeutic Games (card & board games focused on developing coping skills)

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